5 Questions Sellers Should Ask if Their Listing Expires

    Did your listing expire? Most listings that expire do so because they were priced incorrectly for condition or location. However, not all listings expire because of price. Even with our brisk economy here in the DC Metro house listings do expire from time to time. When they do, don’t just blindly relist. Take the time to do a little self assessment and make any adjustments that are necessary. Here are 5 questions to get you thinking about what to do next.

    Question #1: What, in your opinion, was the reason your home did not sell?

    Question #2: Did you entertain any offers during your listing period?

    Question #3: How many buyer showings did you have during the listing period and what was the feedback from your agent about those showings?

    Question #4: What kind of marketing strategies were deployed during your previous listing period?

    Question #5: What changes are you willing to make changes to sell your home?

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