Do you need a home inspection when buying new construction?


    Some agents don’t believe that a home inspection is beneficial when the property is new, but we disagree! All new construction is not equal – even among the same builders as every new construction is different. Any time that you as the buyer have an opportunity to inspect the property we recommend that you do so. Home inspectors who perform new construction inspections frequently discover and report upon items in need of repair that may be addressed before occupancy, or before the expiration of the builder’s warranty.

    The three types of new construction inspection are:

    Pre-drywall (also known as a framing inspection): This inspection covers foundation, structure, framing and things you can’t see after the drywall has been installed. With the amount of new construction we have now, county inspectors are stretched thin and frequently miss items. A Pre-drywall inspection typically comes with a written report.

    Final inspection: After construction is complete, but before the buyer moves into the home, a final inspection and a written report are recommended. Not only does this allow you to request the repairs before taking occupancy, it allows you to spend a significant amount of time in house prior to settlement. In addition, you should bring a roll of blue tape for to mark cosmetic and other items of concern for the builder to correct prior to occupancy.

    11 Month Warranty inspection: Before the expiration of the one year builder’s warranty, we recommend an inspection and a written report which will assist you in requesting the repairs covered by their warranty.

    As you can see, there are multiple opportunities to inspect the new construction home you are buying and we highly recommend that you take advantage of these opportunities to ensure you have the best completed home as possible that you will enjoy for many years to come.

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