The Wilson Group Difference

    What if, for a one-time fee, you could list your home with services so both agents and prospective buyers could find it? What if you determined what you paid a buyer’s agent and then only had to pay that commission if the buyer was brought by an agent? What if you had the freedom to pay no commission to a buyer’s agent if your buyer found you on their own? What if you had an arsenal of more than 80 cutting-edge marketing techniques that you could choose a la carte? At Wilson Realty Group, this is how we do business. And it’s catching on.

    Wilson Realty Group is not just another Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC Real Estate Company. Our hybrid approach to selling homes combines the best of Discount Brokerages and Full Commission Agents with the freedom of a for sale by owner. At Wilson Realty Group, we realize that the internet changed real estate game. Most buyers do all of their home searching on-line making a list of homes they want to see based solely on the information they find on the internet. After finding a house they like, they usually call the agent to schedule a showing and make an offer. This is the new norm in home buying. So if this is the new norm, why are all other real estate firms still operating as if it’s still business as usual?

    When you use Wilson Realty Group, you save anywhere from 2.5% to 5.5% of your price compared to that of a full priced agent. That 2.5% to 5.5% of your price can make the difference in you being able to successfully accept an offer. Now after 10+ years and 5,000 properties later, our homeowners nationwide have saved over a billion dollars in real estate fees – that’s right over $1,000,000,000! With Wilson Realty Group, you now have the choice to keep your money in your pocket where it belongs. You don’t have to sacrifice service or the MLS.

    The Wilson Realty Group is different, we know it and we embrace it. It’s our difference that sets us apart from every other Metro DC Real Estate Brokerage. Our hybrid approach to buying and selling real estate places a value on our partnership with our buyers and sellers. That value is clearly distinguishable from all others and is unmatched in our area. We encourage you to take a few moments to browse our site and as you do, jot down any questions you might have, then give us a call at (202) 642-5478 or email us. We believe we have a better way. And once you take the time to learn what we’re all about, we know you’ll agree. Let’s move!

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